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Software Support as Part of Your Brewery Business Plan

Wyatt Kowalyshen Nov 8, 2021 3:02:24 PM
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Learn how Wild North Brewing Company was able to launch their brewery efficiently, and manage their inventory, production, and reporting.


Customer Service as part of your Brewery Business Plan

As Wild North is a brand new startup, and only just opened in May 2021, their needs were a little different than a brewery that has existed for a while. For Lisa Wood (Co-Owner and Accountant at Wild North), when searching for brewery management software, she was essentially looking for a company that would help them start out on the right foot.

Lisa and Wild North Brewing as a whole wanted a system that could help them manage every aspect of their business, and as they were new, wanted everything to launch as smoothly as possible. They needed to ensure that the system they went with would be able to assist them with inventory, production, and reporting specifically. Lisa and Co. eventually found that software and team in Brew Ninja, and have been able to launch smoothly thanks to signing on early and by having incredible work ethic.


Startup Brewery Success

Since Wild North Brewery is a brand new brewery and has only been using Brew Ninja for a number of months, they're still just getting used to the platform. However, Wild North has had nothing but positive experiences with Brew Ninja so far.

Not only has Brew Ninja been able to help preemptively start Wild North off on the right foot in terms of inventory, production, and reporting before they became a challenge, but Lisa and Wild North Brewing also stated that,"The support team is amazing and willing to help wherever they can. It is reassuring to have the support".


In short, Brew Ninja holds value both for the seasoned, older brewery, as well as a brand new startup, as can be seen with Wild North Brewing Company. While they're only just starting out, they're off to a great start, due in part to integrating with Brew Ninja early. While they opened at a turbulent time, they've made the best of it, and look forward to serving Creston and area for the foreseeable future with amazing craft beer.

Check out Wild North Brewing Company

Wild North Brewing Company is a brewing company tied to it's hometown perhaps like no other. Located in scenic Creston, BC (in the Creston Valley), Wild North Brewing Company really IS located in the Wild North.


Surrounded by mountains, lakes and wilderness as a whole, it's no surprise that they describe themselves as a high spirited group of friends that will always enjoy the "Wild" life.


On top of fostering an inviting and authentic atmosphere, Wild North also makes beer (obviously), and aims to bring an authentic craft beer culture to Creston. Essentially, Wild North crafts their beer with the goal of both honouring local tastes and also venturing into the adventurous side of craft beer. From lagers, to ales, to IPAs, to sours, Wild North has a little something for just about any craft beer drinker.

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