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How does Brew Ninja Compare with Crafted ERP Software? This article provides a feature vs. feature review, including which features are offered and at what pricing plan levels.
Later, we compare pricing. Crafted ERP Software does not post their pricing on their website. Our comparison compiles information from their website and information provided to us by current and former Crafted enterprise resource planning customers. 

The Brew Ninja Promise:

1. Full Featured Software

2. Dedicated Support

3. Affordable Pricing


Compare Brew Ninja Vs. Crafted ERP Software on a feature by feature basis

Brew Ninja Crafted ERP
Sales and Customer Management CRM
Cost Accounting
Real Time Inventory
Manage Multiple Locations
Full Featured Mobile App
6+ Customizable User Roles
Unlimited User Accounts
3, 7, 20 or Unlimited based on Plan
Unlimited Customer Support
Quickbooks Integration
Xero Integration
Canadian Local, Provincial & Federal Tax Reporting
No, but Custom Reports available
SFCR - Canadian Compliant
Through NetSuite
USA Local, State & Federal Tax Reporting
TTB - USA Compliance Reporting
B2B Order Portal
Keg Tracking
+$99 on All Plans
Lot Tracking
Business & Accounting Reports
85+ Reports
Custom Reporting
By Request
By Request
Beer XML Recipe Importing
Data Exporting

Brewery Management  Software in Review:
What's the difference between Crafted ERP and Brew Ninja?

As you can see in the chart above, there are some big differences between Crafted ERP and Brew Ninja. 

In the Big Picture, Crafted is an Enterprise Resource Planning software package and it’s run on top of Oracle Netsuite. The key word is “Enterprise” both in terms of capacity and costs - this is not affordable software, but it does have the capacity to run an entire enterprise. 

Crafted ERP is designed for craft breweries with production of 5000 barrels or more. Brew Ninja has tiered packages for under 1000 bbl, under 2000 barrels, under 7000 barrels and finally an Enterprise level tier for breweries with more than 7,000 barrels of production per year.

Brew Ninja is Brewery Management Software. We have many of the same capabilities as Crafted ERP with three main exceptions: 

  • Crafted ERP has Employee Management, and without a doubt this might cover payroll calculations and deductions and more. To access this functionality, Brew Ninja customers needs to use our Quickbooks Integration feature.
  • Crafted ERP has something they call Marketing, Sales & CRM. Brew Ninja has Sales & CRM features, but no marketing side. Crafted doesn’t indicate anywhere in their literature what their marketing features are. Brew Ninja can integrated with your website through Square for payments and accounting.
  • Brew Ninja is a scalable Brewery Management System. This means that it’s affordable but Full Featured for any scale of brewery.


How Much Does Crafted ERP by Doozy Solutions Cost?

Crafted ERP pricing isn’t transparent on their website, however some of their sales consultants have quoted online and say that its starting price is $30,000 USD per year. 

If your brewery is already producing 5,000 barrels per year then you’ll likely need to hire consultants to onboard your brewery to the Crafted ERP system to ensure a smooth changeover and this would have an additional cost.

Brew Ninja has pricing tiers that start at as little as $99 per month - thats only $1188 per year! This is the package we most often recommend to startup breweries who haven’t opened yet or to Brew Pubs who have limited distribution needs. 

For Breweries who are operating and want to scale - and get away from spreadsheet based management we offer tiered pricing for $199 and $299 per month which matches your expected production capacity and need for users. At Beer Ninja we want our customers to have great value and a full featured brewery management system. For these two tiered plans, customers get EVERY feature needed to run a brewery and the only additional fee is for Keg Tracking.

In summary, Crafted ERP by Doozy Solutions offers a complete brewery software solution for Enterprise level customers starting at 5,000 barrels of production per year. This means that if your business has revenues of roughly $5 Million per year, your brewery might be able to afford Crafted ERP.

The truly valuable features of Brewery management software are having ALL of the features. Brew Ninja includes these features into each of our plans and you can see our pricing here.


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