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Run your brewery with ease with and gain access to valuable data to increase profitability and grow your business. 

Manage inventory, track sales and distribution, plan your production schedule and streamline your book keeping all from one management platform that your entire team can use. 

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Automate your Operations From Any Device, Any Time

Brew Ninja is a full-featured brewery management software designed to allow every member of your team to contribute to the success of your brewery from any device, any time.

Manage every aspect of your business across multiple physical warehouses and taprooms from a single all-in-one brewery management platform. Enjoy the added benefit of improving collaboration and communication across your entire team. 

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Optimize Your Production Schedule and Simplify Inventory Management and Traceability

Simplify your brewing process. Plan out your brewing schedule and then send purchase orders to suppliers based on that schedule to reduce supply chain delays and seamlessly unlock just in time inventory on raw materials and finished goods. Resource planning is easy with a brewery management system. 

Use lot tracking to improve traceability and simplify inventory control across multiple locations. Your brewer can easily track each batch from the brew house, through fermentation and into finished goods. 

We will use the data collected along the way to give you a clear picture of your cost-of-goods sold and automate your excise reporting. Plus, we'll be making all of the relevant accounting entries behind the scenes to help save time. 


Forecast Sales, Improve Cash Flow and Simplify Distribution

Invoice your wholesale customers right in Brew Ninja and integrate your POS system to manage all of your sales in one place. Gain insight into things like:

  • What your bestsellers are
  • How profitable your business is
  • Which products produce the most revenue

Plus, thanks to our integration with Square, you can enjoy real time automatic payment processing, reducing your outstanding accounts receivables and increasing cash flow. 

We also have a CRM system which simplifies task management while helping you keep tabs on who your top customers are, who hasn't placed an order for a while, and who has empty kegs available for pickup.

Speaking of kegs, Brew Ninja has a full keg tracking module which allows you to monitor the status and location of each keg using barcodes or QR codes. 

We even have an entire mobile friendly delivery module for your delivery driver to use out on the road. 

Give your employees the necessary tools to streamline the sales workflow and identify opportunities to increase profitability.


Brewery Accounting and Compliance Made Easy

While your team is keeping track of day-to-day operations in Brew Ninja, we are making all of the relevant accounting entries behind the scenes through our direct integration with QuickBooks Online, simplifying your business operations even further. 
By managing production and invoicing your customers right in Brew Ninja, you are giving us all of the information we need to produce your federal and regional tax reports. TTB reporting is built in for customers in the U.S. and SFCR reporting is available to all Canadian customers. 


Automate Operational Business Management with Brew Ninja

Eliminate the spreadsheets and start using a dedicated management software to automate your operations and get back to crafting great beer.

 Although Brew Ninja was designed with craft breweries in mind, it can be a powerful management solution for anyone in the beverage industry.
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