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How does Brew Ninja Compare with Vicinity Brew? This article provides a feature vs. feature review, including which features are offered and at what pricing plan levels.
Later, we compare pricing. Vicinity Brew does not post their pricing on their website. Our comparison compiles information from their website and information provided to us by current and former Vicinity Brew customers. 

The Brew Ninja Promise:

1. Full Featured Software

2. Dedicated Support

3. Affordable Pricing


Compare Brew Ninja Vs. Vicinity Brew on a feature by feature basis

Brew Ninja Vicinity Brew
Sales and Customer Management CRM
Cost Accounting
Real Time Inventory
Manage Multiple Locations
Full Featured Mobile App
6+ Customizable User Roles
Unlimited User Accounts
3, 7, 20 or Unlimited based on Plan
Unlimited Customer Support
Quickbooks Integration
Xero Integration
Canadian Local, Provincial & Federal Tax Reporting
No, but Custom Reports available
SFCR - Canadian Compliant
USA Local, State & Federal Tax Reporting
No, but Custom Reports available
TTB - USA Compliance Reporting
B2B Order Portal
Keg Tracking
+$99 on All Plans
Lot Tracking
Business & Accounting Reports
85+ Reports
Custom Reporting
By Request
By Request
Beer XML Recipe Importing
Data Exporting

Brewery Management Software in Review:
What's the difference between Vicinity Brew and Brew Ninja?

As you can see in the chart above, there are a some similarities between the two software programs. From a “Big Picture” perspective, Vicinity Brew and Brew Ninja are both self identified as Brewery Management Software. 

Vicinity Brew’s website really focuses on the brewing process, while Brew Ninja holistically looks at the whole business including brewing. Vicinity and Brew Ninja both have recipe management functionality, however Brew Ninja allows importing from BeerXML files created from Beer Tools, Beer Smith and Brewer’s Friend. This means that your brewery can take advantage of 1000’s of brewer’s recipes and opinions to easily experiment with new styles without the risk of doing it yourself.

We could write a longer comparison of Brew Ninja vs. Vicinity Brew but we believe that there is one killer feature that makes Vicinity Brew much less appealing than other brewery management software packages: Vicinity Brew is Desktop PC Based. There's no mobile app. This means that while your brewery may have graduated from using Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel, your staff will still be tied to a computer and may still need to use paper-based sheets to collect data in the work environment. To scan barcodes you would need to purchase specialty hardware separately.

Brew Ninja is a full-featured, team based, cloud software that is available on ANY device. This means that you can access data from your PC or MAC desktop, Android or iOS tablet or phone. It also means that your sales team and delivery drivers can use the system without needing printouts. Your work environment will never need paperwork that later needs data entry. Every person on your team can use Brew Ninja so that your brewery is successful. 


How Much Does Vicinity Brew Cost?

Vicinity Brew doesn’t publish their pricing on their website, but in this case we don’t think it matters much. Unless you're a brewery owner/manager who wants to manage everything from a Desktop PC by yourself, then don’t consider Vicinity Brew because it isn’t team based or mobile friendly.

In summary,we believe that Vicinity Brew does offer a brewery software solution, but usability by your team is truly limited.

The truly valuable features of Brewery management software are having ALL of the features.

TTB reporting saves breweries 10+ hours per month.

Keg Tracking saves most breweries thousands of dollars per year. 

Teamwork is priceless.

Brew Ninja includes these features into each of our plans and you can see our pricing here.


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