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Improve Brewery Margin & Profit by Tracking Inventory and Materials

Wyatt Kowalyshen Dec 20, 2021 2:55:50 PM
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Tracking Inventory and Materials is one ingredient for managing growth.


Planning your Breweries Growth 

Siding 14 Brewing Company, opened in Ponoka, AB in 2017, is known for their mainline beers that are perfect for everyday, and for their unique roundhouse offerings that keep customers coming back.


However, as Siding 14 grew, they found that inventory management was a major issue in their day to day. They were having trouble tracking and managing ingredients, supplies, and overall inventory, and planning for future business.


They found that they felt anxious about the future of their brewery growth because they didn’t have a good way to plan for the future cash needs for the business. 


Without knowing what your raw materials are it’s hard to plan production. If you can’t plan production, you’ll never know how much you can sell and if you can’t project sales… you're in trouble.


They were looking for a program to consolidate all of their needs and wants for running their business all into one, and wanted one to use properly to help keep track of their inventory so that they could project their growth with certainty. 


Because of this, Siding 14 spent some time looking into and evaluating various brewery management solutions to the challenges they were facing, but ultimately found that Brew Ninja did everything they needed, and was the right fit for them.

Is your craft brewery profitable?

This was a question that they couldn’t confirm or deny - they simply didn’t know because they couldn’t track their brewery data accurately.


Upon signing on and using Brew Ninja, Siding 14 found that Brew Ninja brewery management software solved every issue they were having.


According to Brendan Boucher, the Head Brewer at Siding 14, “The Onboarding team helped us move the useful components of the old program into Brew Ninja".


When they had their data onboarded, using the system was easy and now they can answer the question of their profitability any time and on any device. 


So, in short, the transition for Siding 14 was as painless as possible.


Brendan went on to say that “It has also helped me keep track of both product and materials inventory and has saved me a lot of time from having to go and complete a visual check.”, which is a large chunk of what they were looking for.


As well, they enjoyed that the sales order and delivery components made it very easy for them to communicate between the production and sales teams. Because the sales team can see what’s being brewed and when it’s expected to be finished, they can drive more sales through our distributors and never have to say “I don’t know”.


Lastly, they benefited from Brew Ninja helping them to track the costs associated with making your products as well as planning out tank scheduling, ingredient ordering, and almost every other aspect of running their business.


Brendan felt that “As someone who has recently stepped into a role running a brewery I have found it to be a valuable resource which I believe will help make our entire company operate more efficiently.”


Check out Siding 14 Brewery

Siding 14 Brewing Company, opened in Ponoka, AB in 2017, is known for their mainline beers that are perfect for everyday, and for their unique roundhouse offerings that keep customers coming back. Siding 14 as a name is a nod towards the rich history of Alberta and Western Canadian railway heritage, and is named after what is now the town of Ponoka, but was once called Siding 14 of the Calgary-Edmonton Railway Company. They chose the name because this railway, this Siding 14, was historically the heart of communication and social interaction in communities across Alberta.

Josh and Femke Lubach, the Owners of Siding 14, love being a part of the community, and made it their goal to bring quality to the craft beer scene. They also believe in fostering communication and social interaction through their brewery, similar to how the original Siding 14 did. To them, the name is a lot more meaningful than just the name of their business.


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