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How To Track and Sort Data

Wyatt Kowalyshen May 10, 2022 2:07:38 PM
Good Spirit Cans on Ice

Learn how Good Spirit Kombucha amalgamating all their data in one place made it far easier to track and find all sorts of data quickly.



Good Spirit Kombucha was founded in 2017 in Regina, Saskatchewan on a love of whole foods and of community. While Good Spirit started as a home brewing passion for Kale Baiton, it quickly expanded to include a fully equipped commercial brewery and became a woman-led business (something they are very proud of).


Good Spirit is unique within the catalogue of Brew Ninja clients in that they are the first Kombucha company we have brought on, and they see themselves as unique in more ways than one. They take pride in making a great kombucha, one that values the balance between sweet and tangy, and one that includes a flavor for just about every kombucha drinker both new and old. If you love kombucha, and you live in Saskatchewan, chances are Good Spirit has a ‘booch for you.



For Good Spirit, they found the biggest challenge they had been facing pre-Brew Ninja was their Cost of Good Sold tracking. When searching for brewery management software, they were looking for a way to track what portion of their bulk inputs was used and expensed with each batch brewed.


They also wanted the software to track their physical inventory to help with Purchase Order management. Lastly, they also needed a system in place to better track their brewing data including pH and temperature. Thankfully, Brew Ninja specializes in what they needed help with, and Good Spirit feels that we have been able to solve all of these problems.



Colleen Cretin, Owner/Operations Manager at Good Spirit said,   “Brew Ninja integrated all pieces of our production cycle in one website."


Brew Ninja allowed them to create custom Brew Sheets to record all of their required brewing data/batch tracking, and allowed them to create materials and recipes. As well, they were pleased to be able to link this to their Quickbooks Online to allow for more accurate COGS tracking/inventory management.


In short, Colleen said “It gave us one place to keep all our data rather than having it spread between spreadsheets and multiple platforms".


Thankfully, Brew Ninja was able to solve all their challenges and more, and really helped improve their efficiency across the board.



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