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How Pretentious Barrel House solved their COGS Problem

Wyatt Kowalyshen Aug 29, 2022 1:46:49 PM
Pretentious Barrel House Beer in Glass Outdoors

Learn how Pretentious Barrel House was able to overcome COGS and pricing difficulties, and how they were able to reach optimal and efficient inventory management through using Brew Ninja.


Solving the COGS Puzzle

Setting prices for your products can be incredibly difficult, especially when the COGS of said product is hard to easily determine. How can you be sure whether your pricing is too high, or if you're actually pricing under what your product is worth? For many breweries, especially smaller ones, attempting to hit that sweet spot and figure out your COGS means hours of wasted time, and potentially plenty of lost revenue. This is a struggle Pretentious Barrel House found themselves in.

Before signing on with Brew Ninja, Pretentious Barrel House was having issues with COGS and pricing their products. Specifically, Pretentious Barrel House's CEO, Joshua Martinez, describes this time by saying, "We were having issues determining asset value, and cost of our product." Without a system in place, it was difficult to determine how much their ingredients were worth, how much their products were costing, and ultimately, they lacked vital information that would help them determine how to price their products. Pretentious needed a solution that would help them determine cost in real time, and they eventually found Brew Ninja.


A Pricing and Inventory Level Up

Thankfully, since Pretentious signed on and began using Brew Ninja this year, Joshua feels that they have been able to "better understand our COGS."


Due to Brew Ninja actively updating COGS on products as you brew and sell, Pretentious has been able to keep a running COGS for each of it's products and have the confidence and data they need to accurately price products quickly, and without leaving lost revenue at the door.

Joshua continued on to say that "This has helped us better set our prices". Not only that, but he stated that "It has also helped with inventory logistics". So, for Pretentious, not only were they able to gain a better understanding of cost, they were able to access important info to better price their products, and they were also able to gain a better handle on inventory. Needless to say, they feel this has helped their brewery to run as efficiently as possible.


More about Pretentious Barrel House

Pretentious Barrel House has been slinging beers since October 2017 in Columbus, OH, and is known for their unique specialization in barrel-aged sour ales. Pretentious prides themselves in their extensive knowledge of the relationship between wood and beer, and boasts a wide selection of consistent, quality sours.

Pretentious is also notable for being a rare brewery that not only specializes in sour beers, but also produces EXCLUSIVELY sour beers (at least for now). They believe that by producing a wide range of beer along the sour spectrum, they can help ease customers and beer lovers into this more niche style. Over time, they hope to change consumers perspectives regarding craft beer and sours as a whole!


With many options of beer both on tap and to go year round, Pretentious Barrel House is a refreshing stop for any beer lover looking to experiment and try out the world of sour beer in Ohio.


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