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How Gradient Vodka Soda launched with confidence using software

Wyatt Kowalyshen Sep 14, 2022 3:24:18 PM
Line of Gradient Vodka Soda Beverages with packaging

Learn how Gradient Vodka Soda was able to launch into a foreign industry with confidence with the help of brewery/distillery management software, and how they were supported throughout the entire process by Brew Ninja.


Seeking the perfect solution

When starting out in a new and overwhelming industry, first getting your business up and running can feel very daunting. For Gradient, the beverage alcohol industry was brand new to them, and as such, the amount of hurdles they had to tackle felt endless.

According to one of Gradient's Co-Founders, Trisha Woodlock, they needed help with getting a handle on how best to tackle production. Once production was up and running, they needed a system that would help them stay on track. Staying compliant with the various regulatory boards that exist in this industry is also an essential part of this business.

Gradient needed to make sure they had a software solution that would suit not only their needs, but the budget of their brand new business as well. Especially for a startup, it's crucial to make sure you don't break the bank. Gradient didn't only have their current business in mind, but also their future plans. They were looking for something that could grow with them long term.


Finding the perfect partner as a new producer

According to Trisha, Gradient was able to start off on a good foot through integrating with Brew Ninja early on in their journey.

She went on to say that "Brew Ninja's pricing structure and on-boarding process worked perfectly for us as new producers."

Additionally, the ability to integrate with Quickbooks Online really resonated with Gradient. According to Trisha, QBO Integration "really streamlines our monthly accounting processes.", and saves them countless hours of work every month on the accounting front.

Thankfully, despite having lots they needed to achieve, Trisha believes that they were supported fully both through the onboarding process, and through support they've received from the support staff later on. This helped Granite not only get off on the right foot, but stay there, and continue to grow.

"As we grow and run into challenges, Brew Ninja support continues to be very responsive and helpful." she stated.

For the entire Gradient Vodka Soda team, they feel their experience both before and during their integration with Brew Ninja to be a very positive one, and feel that it has helped make their day to day at Gradient so much easier.


More about Gradient Vodka Soda

The idea for Gradient came about when Co-Founders John Eresman, Josh & Trisha Woodlock were at a Christmas party, and very late into the night decided to open up a very expensive bottle of wine, which they quickly regretted. However, this brought about an idea: Is it possible to create a product that would package alcoholic beverages together at different alcohol percentages with the goal of moderating their night and drinking more responsibly? At first, this just remained an idea in the back of their minds, but once COVID hit, this idea quickly became a reality, and they began developing such a product. By August 2020, Gradient Vodka Soda was launched!

Gradient Vodka Soda (Based in Calgary, AB) are known for their unique, socially conscious business model of packing together different strengths of vodka soda in one pack. It can be said that Gradient lives by the mantra of "Less is more fun" (all while remaining delicious!). While the team faced many challenges when it came to launching a unique and brand new to them business, they overcame a long regulatory process, short supply of equipment, and setting up their complicated production line with very little help in launching their business.

Today, Gradient Vodka Soda prides themselves in offering a refreshing, tasty alcoholic beverage with a strong message. Since launch, they've continued to expand, and are now available in multiple provinces with multiple flavors available. They are also working on expanding their product line and into more stores throughout the country. In short, Gradient Vodka Soda is a refreshing alternative for any vodka soda fan looking to curb their alcohol consumption while still enjoying themselves with a delicious drink.

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