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Organizing your brewery operations made easy

Wyatt Kowalyshen Oct 4, 2022 1:28:15 PM
Pint of Beer between two barrels, with the Chanhassen Brewing Co. Logo in the middle

Learn how Chanhassen Brewing Co. was able to start up a brand new brewery with confidence using brewery management software, and how Brew Ninja supported them fully through the launch of their new venture.

Operation: Organization

In 2019, Chanhassen Brewing Co. was born. Then, as we all know, the world changed in 2020, and Chanhassen had to shift their plans a bit. Thankfully, after retooling, they were able to launch fully in April 2021. However, it wasn't all smooth sailing, and Chanhassen's founders Matthew & Laura Rosati quickly realized they needed a way to launch efficiently and with confidence, rather than flying blind.


While Matthew & Laura had plenty of experience in other, similar industries, craft beer was a new one for them. Thankfully, their head brewer came from years of experience at another brewery in Colorado, and was able to help them out. However, they still wanted to make sure they were able to launch their best foot forward in terms of organization.


Specifically, Chanhassen was looking for a system that could help them better organize their daily operations, track their production and simplify reporting. After an extensive search, they were able to find a solution for their brewery, and they've been using Brew Ninja ever since they first launched.


Tracking everything, everywhere, all at once

Since 2021, Chanhassen Brewing Co. has been utilizing Brew Ninja to accurately manage sales, production, reporting, and more. As a result of using our software from day one, they were able to launch with minimal hiccups, and keep their brewery organized as time has gone on as well.

According to Matthew, "Brew Ninja helped organize the data produced, keep track of orders, costs and materials."


So, for Chanhassen, not only were they able to handle their production, sales, and more through Brew Ninja, but most crucially they found that it helped them organize all of their various data into one easy to manage place. Many breweries struggle with keeping track of their dozens or hundreds of purchase and sales orders a month, but with Brew Ninja, this was never a problem for them. Additionally, with Brew Ninja's constantly updating COGS for materials and product SKUs, they were able to brew, package, and sell with confidence knowing that their fluctuating cost would always stay up to date and accurate.


Lastly, Chanhassen was looking for a system that would help with their production reporting. Thankfully, this was possible as well. On top of keeping up to date with their costs and keeping their data organized, they have also been able to report fully their production, sales, and tax information as they continue to produce. And, thanks to Square POS and Quickbooks Online integration, they've been able to consistently keep up to date on retail sales, and keep their accounting team informed all throughout.

This has helped Chanhassen not only get off on the right foot, but stay there, and allow them to grow. They feel that Brew Ninja has helped make their day to day at the brewery much easier and run far smoother.


More about Chanhassen Brewing Co.

Being established in 2019, and fully launching in April 2021, Chanhassen Brewing Company in Chanhassen, MN, is new to the world of craft brewing. But don't take the fact that they're new as a sign of inexperience or lack of talent. If anything, Chanhassen is overflowing with people who know what they're talking about, and they're able to produce some of the best beer Minnesota has to offer. Chanhassen was established by husband and wife team Matthew and Laura Rosati, who both have years of experience in other industries, and a head brewer, Max Filter, who also comes with years of experience brewing.


For Matthew, he knows the Operations side of things in depth, having spent 10 years as an Operations Manager for a very large warehouse. On top of that - he also spent time in law enforcement, and is also currently working for the Chanhassen Fire Department. As for Laura, she has been a middle school counsellor for 17 years, and also has 12 years of experience as a bartender/server in various restaurants and bars. In short, the perfect team for opening a brewery - someone who knows operations like the back of their hand, and someone who knows people and customer service like the back of theirs.


To back it all up, they make great beer, which can be argued is most important of all. When they were about to launch, Matthew partnered with Max Filter, a brewer born and raised in Minnesota, and they began developing their recipes and getting ready for launch. Since then, they have been able to create numerous high quality beers, and have been constantly trying new things and satisfying customers to this day.


It's fitting, then, that Chanhassen Brewing Company's mission is to "create a brewery and adjoining taproom that produces, sells, and serves high quality craft beer in a spacious, warm, and inviting atmosphere that appeals to all beer lovers and celebrates local history and the neighborhood."

For what it's worth, we think they're doing a pretty great job.
If you're in the Chanhassen, MN area, there's no better place for a beer than the Chanhassen Brewing Company!

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