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The Benefits of Consolidated Systems

Wyatt Kowalyshen Sep 7, 2021 1:42:55 PM
Split Rail flight being poured

Learn how Split Rail Brewing Co. was able to overcome the inefficiencies from their previous systems, and were able to reach optimal and efficient production.



Starting in a Garage in 2010, and eventually opening as Manitoulin Island's first Craft Brewery in 2015 in Gore Bay, Ontario, Split Rail Brewing Company knows the value of hard work and passion for their craft. Split Rail was founded by Andrea Smith and Eleanor Charton and is located on the largest Freshwater Island in the world (Manitoulin). As such, the residents of Manitoulin hold this island very near and dear to them. 


It comes as no surprise that Split Rail was opened in large part due to solid community support, as well as a successful Kickstarter campaign. The power of community shows itself once again. Split Rail also focuses on making their beer using local materials and resources, such as hand-picked haw berries, oats, grapes and sumac, to name a few. In short, Split Rail describes itself as a natural part of the Manitoulin Island experience, and continues to delight its customers with a premium quality beer and atmosphere, and is a tourist attraction for anyone looking to visit Manitoulin Island.



As is common in the craft brewing world, challenges begin to arise more and more as you grow. This happens to be the case for Split Rail as well. According to Susan Snelling, Co-Owner at Split Rail Brewing Co., Split Rail Brewing pre-Brew Ninja needed to take their production, and specifically their production efficiency to the next level.


While their existing systems were working, they continued to notice more and more small inefficiencies in their current setup. Small inefficiencies that, taken on their own, might not matter much, but together add up and had an impact on their ability to plan out the optimal production levels, and the right times. Essentially, it wasn't one big issue they were facing, but a lot of important smaller issues that caused them to realize they needed an efficient solution for their business.



Thankfully, Split Rail Brewing Co. was able to find a solution to help with their various challenges in Brew Ninja. According to Susan Snelling, “Brew Ninja allows us to plan ahead efficiently. We can see our inventory and our production plan at a glance, and we have reports at our fingertips to help with decision-making".


As well, Split Rail was able to benefit from having multiple people have access to their system thanks to Brew Ninja's multiple logins available. For Split Rail, this enabled them to share knowledge across the production team easily, and between production and sales. Brew Ninja's ability to allow multiple users allowed communication to flow freely, and let every member of the team contribute to the business through Brew Ninja. Lastly, Brew Ninja allowed their information to be readily available for any member of the team - anytime, anywhere.


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