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Return Of The Bock: Five Beers To Sip In Spring

Dave Barton Mar 30, 2022 11:19:59 AM
Beer outside next to sunglasses

With winter on the way out, it’s time to put down the porters and the oatmeal stouts (or at least hold them back for a fickle spring evening), and start sipping on something better-suited for stepping outdoors in the sunshine. 

So as the temperature creeps up (and down) again, it’s time to welcome in the warmer weather and brighter days with something a little more rustic and refreshing. Perhaps a beer with a fruitier finish, whether it’s fruit-infused or carrying floral notes. Either way, as spring returns our taste buds will be hoping for something hoppier and lighter, crisper and blonder.  


So here’s our suggestion for some satisfying sips to enjoy this spring on the patio, at the lake, or in the cottage on a chilly night.



‘Bock’ in the day, one beer signalled the start of spring, just as surely as the buds and birds. And the resurgence in craft beer has seen a rising demand for this retro classic. Hailing from Einbeck, mispronounced “Einbock” (billy goat in German) the name and image has stuck. A strong lager-ale of 14th century German origin, it can range in colour from light copper to coffee brown. Traditionally darker in complexion, modern variants tend to be lighter and paler, such as the Malbock or ‘month of May’ bock.


Anchor Bock is in the darker tradition, and described as having the kick of a goat behind it. Brewed for spring with a hint of winter, it makes a great transition-season drink.



This highly-carbonated pale ale is synonymous with fruity and spicy flavours – and low alcohol content. So it’s ideal for sipping on a sunny spring day. With a longstanding reputation as a farmhouse ale, Saison is less seasonal than it used to be, so can get the fresh taste of spring, all year round. 


Cabin Brewing Company has a seasonal Morning Sun Saison which captures the aromas of spring air using Loral and Kazbek hops to create notes of honey, pear, and citrus blossom. 


Hazy IPA 

Call it hazy IPA, or New England IPA, you’ll recognize it for its punchy hoppy flavours, minus the hoppy bitterness. With cloudy fruit flavour, the best hazy will balance bitter and sweet for flavourful rich mouth-feel.


Category 12 brews a variety of Hazy IPAs from the tropical fruit aroma of Diversion to the mango wash of Mango Hazy. 



Taking its name from the city of Plzeň in the Czech Republic, it was first brewed in 1842 by Josef Groll, using paler malts, local Saaz hops, and the area’s naturally soft water. The clear, golden, beer rapidly grew in popularity. Since then the pilsner style of brewing has evolved into various different styles. In North America, they tend to have a medium malt flavor with hoppy notes. 


For a truly original flavour, Pilsner Urquell has been brewed in the same brewery for over 175 years, using the traditional methods. 



This cloudy, sour beer is made from malted barley and wheat. The name commonly refers to the Berliner type, but also the Bavarian ‘weissbier’. German for “white” these beers are often served with flavoured syrups to offset the sourness. Perfect for transition time, these fruity variants carry a reminder of winter sourness with the sweetness of spring.


Trans Canada Brewing seasonally offers a Peach Sour Berliner Weisse as part of their County Sour Series, with notes of apricot and peach it has a tart and refreshing spring finish.


Kölsch (Lagered Ale)

Fermented with ale yeast, yet finished in cold temperatures like lager, Kölsch or ‘lagered-ale’ takes the best from both worlds for a light and fruity flavour, perfect for sipping on a warmer spring evening. Originating from Cologne, there are strict regulations for using the term for this bright, hoppy beer with a crisp and clean finish. So look for lagered ale that’s Kölsch-style.


Bridge Brewing Co offer their take on this style with their Wunderbar Kolsch, offering a malty profile and made from German noble hops. 


Whatever you’re brewing this spring, don’t forget that Brew Ninja’s brewery management software is there to help you manage the day to day – so you can focus on brewing great beer. 

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