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Longroof Brewing Easily Mastered the Back-End Operations of a Brewery

Wyatt Kowalyshen Aug 30, 2023 4:31:25 PM
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Read about how Longroof Brewing Co. is able to use Brew Ninja to manage inventory, comply with traceability requirements, track kegs, integrate with Square and QuickBooks Online, track production, and more!

Running a new brewery and conquering the learning curve

Longroof Brewing Co. has been a craft beer enthusiast staple in Edmonton since 2019 and has worked with Brew Ninja since 2021. Longroof had numerous goals for how they wanted to leverage a brewery management software, and Brew Ninja has helped them achieve them all.


According to Cory Gray, Co-Founder and Operations Manager of Longroof Brewing Co., Longroof had many challenges they needed solutions for. Cory was looking to effectively learn the back-end operations of a new start-up commercial brewery. This left Cory with a lot to consider, but most importantly Longroof needed a way to manage their inventory and ensure it would always be up to date. Without inventory management, every aspect of the business would suffer, and therefore it was crucial this was included in a possible software solution.

Cory and the rest of the Longroof team were also looking for solutions to help them comply with traceability requirements (lot tracking, government regulations, and more). They needed to manage and track kegs to make sure they always know how many kegs they had and where. They also needed to make sure they could integrate with a point of sale and accounting system to make sure their sales and accounting would be updated and maintained using one central system.

Any new or existing brewery NEEDS a way to accurately compile and report their numbers. From tax reporting, to production numbers and more. Cory expressed that he needed a way to utilize accurate reporting relating to the entire brew process. This would include reporting to calculate costs per batch, excise taxes, AGLC payments, and more.


All in all, though, we couldn't say it better than Cory himself when he said
"Although I'd never had to perform any of these duties and responsibilities before, I was aware that it is a monumental task and a steep learning curve, especially if you're diving in, feet first, with no prior experience. Having a brewery software solution was at the top of my list of must-haves when we started up"


Tremendous Support with an all-in-one solution

Thankfully, when attempting to solve all of the above challenges within their business, Cory says that "Brew Ninja provided a tool that offered us all of the things that we were looking for, in a pretty affordable package."


Longroof was able to effectively learn the back-end operations of a brewery as they were hoping to, and they were able to use Brew Ninja to manage their inventory, comply with traceability requirements, manage their kegs, integrate with QuickBooks, and more. Essentially, despite their long list of challenges, they found one software that could satisfy all of their needs.

Additionally, Cory had glowing things to say about the support they received in the onboarding process, as well as afterwards.


"As well, with the tremendous technical support of Matthew Hon (Co-Founder/Sales Director @ Brew Ninja), I've been able to navigate through the aforementioned steep learning curve." - Cory Gray, Co-Founder and Operations Manager, Longroof Brewing Co.


In short, while Longroof knew they needed to solve all of the above challenges, they were also concerned with how difficult learning the intricacies of a new system would be. Thankfully, according to Longroof, Brew Ninja made the learning process and transition painless, and they have no regrets about deciding on implementing Brew Ninja with QuickBooks & Square POS integrations into their daily operations.

"While I'm still a long way from being a Brew Ninja expert, and utilizing all of the tools that it has to offer, I'm much more comfortable with the whole process than I was, initially, going into it all," said Cory Gray.


To summarize, Longroof Brewing Co. knew what problems they needed to solve, and they knew they needed the transition to be as painless as possible. When they found Brew Ninja, they were very pleased with its capabilities and the painless process of transition, and they haven't looked back since!


More about Longroof Brewing Co.

Longroof Brewing Co. was founded in 2019 in Edmonton, AB by three long-term friends with a passion for beer who had a dream to brew craft beer and share it with the world. As it's now 2023 and Longroof is still going strong and brewing excellent beer every day, we'd say this partnership has been a great success.


As for the origin of the name "Longroof Brewing" itself, the Longroof team says it's slang for a station wagon! Specifically, they wanted to hearken back to simpler times taking family road trips in a Longroof station wagon where the car itself was piled high with people, blankets, snacks and more. Longroof is intended to call back to the freedom, fun, and adventure of these road trip adventures, and hopefully translate into new memories to create together with both friends and family along the way!

Today, Longroof Brewing Co. is known for its small-batch and taproom-focused brewery, offering a wide selection of beers that will surely please just about everyone. (as of today, some of the beers they have on tap include "I Lost My Mantra", "Glimmer of Hop", "The Crantagonist", and more!)

Additionally, Longroof is known for its open-concept taproom designed to let you in on the brewing process, and its large private back alley patio is perfect for enjoying the weather with a beer and a dog. Regardless of how you found your way to Longroof, their goal is to make you feel right at home while enjoying one of their delicious brews!


If you're in the Edmonton area, visiting Alberta, or even if you find their beer on the shelf, you can't go wrong with trying some beer from Longroof Brewing Co.!

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