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Importing Beer XML Recipes from Beer Tools, BeerSmith 2 and Brewer's Friend into Brew Ninja

Graham Buksa Jul 4, 2022 3:59:27 PM
BeerXML Integration Infographic

Now, you can import recipes from BeerSmith 2, Brewer's Friend, or and all the most popular brewing tool with just a few clicks. 


With our new recipe importers, it's easy to get your favorite recipes into Brew Ninja and start brewing great beer. With thousands of successful recipes already shared and enjoyed around the world, using a Beer XML import with Brew Ninja is an easy way to experiment with new beers while retaining the full featured power of a comprehensive brewery management system.


Not just a Recipe - a recipe for Brewery Success

Using a trusted recipe is a great way to deliver value to your customers. It ensures that, if brewed properly, and if your customer base has the appropriate appetite for it’s style, you can have a consistent selling product. 


That’s where Brew Ninja comes in. We believe that the tools for making a great beer recipe are already available, and there are passionate, talented and diligent brew masters to craft the product. Brew Ninja specializes streamlining the rest of the brewery operations, which is why we provide a BeerXML integration. Having the right product is just one ingredient in successful profitable craft brewing.


Why are recipes and ingredients important in a Brewery management Software system?

This is where administration comes into play. Running a brewery is an intensive administrative process. In just about every country, there are regulations at the federal, state and local government level that require traceability throughout the brewing process. 


Yes, that means that without diligent tracking the government can shut your brewery down, AND, just about every new brewery is audited at least once during the first two years of operation.


Integrating your brewery management system with and existing beer recipe makes the Purchase order and  ingredient tracking simple. When that system is expanded to integrate taproom sales with a Square POS system, your business can concentrate on profits, not regulation. 


To Import a BeerXML Recipe into Beer Ninja takes just a few clicks.


  1. Select "Import" on the recipe page.
  2. Click "Select File" and upload the appropriate XML file.
  3. Once uploaded, the recipe information will fill in.
  4. If you need to change unit type, (metric or imperial) you can do so with the unit toggle at the top, or selecting the appropriate units for each material line item (Recipe Unit). 

When imported you’ll have the following Materials Fields:

  • Category: Select the appropriate category for the new material
  • Imported Material: Name of material in the recipe file
  • Brew Ninja Material: Shows the existing material already in the system or creates a new material
  • Quantity: Quantity of the ingredient to be imported
  • Recipe Unit: Unit of measure used in the recipe.
  • Material Unit: Unit of measure used for material
  • Unit Import: Selected to import unit of measures

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