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USA Craft Brewery Compliance and TTB Reporting

Graham Buksa Jul 15, 2022 9:35:20 AM
Person reading over reports by a computer

Save 10+ hours per month generating TTB reports.

Paperwork and administrative tasks like permits and licenses, tax reporting, and compliance obligations all take away time from running your business, spending time with your team, building relationships with clients and managing operations. 


TTB reporting is required if you want to stay compliant and continue brewing in the United States.


These tedious forms can be stressful, so we’re here to help. Brew Ninja takes the data that you and your staff have been entering during their daily work routines and automates your TTB reporting.


As a brewery, you are required to fill out the Brewer’s Report of Operations (or BROP) form in order to have your business licensed legally. This document helps you keep track of everything that is produced, sold, lost, and received by the brewery. 


Brew Ninja saves your time by providing accurate TTB report generation. Brew Ninja helps you in the Brewers Report of Operations and Excise Tax Return Reports, and shows any amounts due.  


The fields in the report are designed to show you the most recent data from your brewery operations, and clicking on a cell takes you directly to the production log where you can learn how that value was calculated. 


With this functionality, you can troubleshoot and address any potential discrepancies before the tax period ends. This also gives you greater transparency into the daily processes at your facility. 


It’s best to review submitted reports and set a closing period before final submission. These reports require a management security profile in Brew Ninja, so only those who need access to the reports can view them.

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