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Five Things I Hate About Brew: How Brew Ninja Can Help Your Brewery

Dave Barton Oct 8, 2021 4:13:01 PM
Tanks lined up in back of brewery

You started a brewery because you love making great beer, but now you’re spending most of your time behind a mish-mash of paperwork, whiteboards, and computer screens managing your inventory, your accounts, your sales. 


So what really bugs you most about running a brewery? Let’s explore some common annoyances facing craft brewers today.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Like all big businesses, all the big breweries have it. It’s complicated, clunky, needs a costly enterprise-accounting system, and additional staff to function properly, and more than that it’s expensive. So your small to medium-sized brewery doesn’t have an ERP. Yet.


Online Ordering Has Become The New Normal

The global pandemic brought about sweeping changes right across the globe. None more so than the way in which we purchase goods. Rather than being a backup to not being able to find products in store, buying online is now the go to for many consumers. 


With tap rooms closed due to social restrictions, craft breweries turned to online ordering and delivery to keep their businesses alive. But setting up an online store requires technical know-how, and it can be a daunting task.    


Local Legislation 

Whether you’re supplying the retail market or shipping online orders to different provinces, regional legislation adds another hurdle to your sales, and you don’t want to set up an online store to discover local legislation doesn’t allow you to deliver. 


Paying To Get Paid

Many existing point of sale (POS) providers for your tap room require a complicated set up, and customized hardware. Not only that, most payment providers charge different amounts for different card variations. This adds additional layers of complication and cost to your tap room transactions. Shouldn’t it be simpler?


Keeping Track… Of Everything  

How are all those pieces of paper and whiteboards treating you? And the magic spreadsheet? How easy is it for you to track production? Your inventory? Your sales? Your purchases? How are you leveraging that data to forecast future supply and demand? 


Throw Some Brew Ninja Moves 

If only there was a silent yet deadly way to streamline these everyday irritations, at an affordable price. Thankfully, there is. Brew Ninja Software as a Service (SaaS) takes care of all the tedious organization that comes with running a brewery, so you can focus on the important things, like making great beer. 


So whilst you’re sitting among piles of paperwork, trying to tie up your inventory and sales, a craft brewery nearby is taking care of business with a few taps. As Brew Ninja founder and CEO Shea Martin pointed out in The Brewer’s Journal (Canadian Edition) back in 2019, Brew Ninja “is a brewery solution that costs less than a third of legacy ERP systems, with no initial investment in software or hardware”. 


Want to know more? Check out our simple video guide to getting "SaaS-y" with your brewery accounting using Brew Ninja software.  


And if you’re wondering how easy it can be to set up your online store by integrating Square POS in Brew Ninja, you might like to watch this 68 second video. It’s that simple.

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