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Our Partnership with Grist Analytics Offers a Comprehensive Solution to Breweries

Brew Ninja streamlines business, while Grist Analytics dials in production. Through our partnership we offer breweries of all sizes a streamlined and simplified workflow that is easy to implement, manage, and use daily.

How Could this Partnership Benefit Your Brewery?

  • Enhance your production process through consistent data collection, custom calculations, efficiency insights, and real-time statistical feedback
  • Improve business operations with inventory management, keg tracking, streamlined invoicing and built-in payment acceptance
  • Enjoy a discounted subscription on both your brewery and production management software

Schedule your batch and record your brewhouse turns

By scheduling your batch in Brew Ninja you can optimize your production schedule, and ensure you always have the ingredients you need on hand before brew day. Grist will automate brewing calculations and provide you with real-time statistics and turn aggregation.

Record batch deposits and fermentation

When you deposit a batch into a tank, Brew Ninja updates raw material inventory and the batch cost calculation begins. All of your accounting entries are automated too. Grist provides predictive cellar scheduling, real-time fermentation analytics, quality data management and yeast tracking. 

Batch updates

As you blend, split, transfer or add ingredients to a batch, Brew Ninja will keep your inventory and batch costs up to date, while allowing you to record shrinkage or loss along the way. In Grist you have plenty of flexibility to blend and split batches while tracking trends, without losing quality data or volume diagnostics. 

Package your product

By tracking your packaging runs in Brew Ninja, inventory is maintained automatically for both raw materials and finished goods. The data will be used to automate excise reporting too. Plus cost-of-goods are calculated on every product, and all of your accounting entries are automated in the background. Meanwhile, Grist will keep track of package quality, volume loss diagnostics and down time during your packaging run. 


About Brew Ninja

About Grist Analytics

Brew Ninja is a comprehensive software solution designed to streamline the day-to-day operations of breweries. It offers an end-to-end solution encompassing inventory management, accounting, sales, reporting, and compliance.

By automating these essential processes, Brew Ninja allows brewery owners and managers to focus more on the craft of making great beer rather than getting bogged down by the logistics of running the business. 

Grist Analytics is specialized software crafted for the nuanced needs of brewery production management. It enhances data transparency, provides actionable insights, and facilitates collaboration across brewery operations.

Through Grist, breweries can optimize their production schedules, improve the use of raw goods, and ensure the consistent quality of their products, achieving operational excellence and brewing award-winning beers