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Brew Ninja Offers:

White Glove Onboarding


Benefit from Superb Customer Service



With Brew Ninja's optional White Glove Onboarding process, take advantage of our dedicated customer service team to help you integrate the Brew Ninja software into your business.  In this process, we can take your existing raw data and enter it in to Brew Ninja FOR you, saving you precious hours of your time. While we do offer training and are available to answer questions for every customer, the optional onboarding process makes the transition as painless and efficient as possible. Whether you decide the white glove onboarding is for you or not, you have access to our knowledgeable Brew Ninja staff. However, if you want the best possible experience with the least possible time commitment on your end, white glove onboarding is for you. And, on top of that, you get access to all of this for a small one time fee of only $500.

White Glove Onboarding can:

  • Save you dozens of hours on initial setup, integration, and input
  • Help you understand and take advantage of the most comprehensive and in depth potential of the Brew Ninja software
  • Ensure that the vast majority of your data entry is entered correctly, accurately, and save you the pain of making you do hours of tedious data entry

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