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Brew Ninja Revolutionizes Brewery Invoicing with New Funding Support

Bronwyn Lloyd Feb 20, 2024 11:00:00 AM

Regina, SK, Canada, February 2024 - Brew Ninja is excited to announce $300,000 in funding from Prairies Economic Development Canada (PrairiesCan) through the Business Scale Up and Productivity Program (BSP). The team will use these funds to enhance their infrastructure and software, including the launch of the new Brew Ninja Direct Invoicing feature, powered by Square. 

Brew Ninja is a full featured Brewery Management Software with an aim to provide an affordable, easy-to-use, and trustworthy management system that empowers the entire brewery team. Brew Ninja helps craft breweries to manage inventory of both raw materials and finished goods, track production, manage sales and more, easily and efficiently. 

The funding from PrairiesCan came at an excellent time, as the team launches an exciting new feature that allows craft breweries to dramatically improve cash flow and increase wholesale profits by addressing the inefficient invoicing processes that so many face.


We saw an opportunity to help our customers out by giving them a feature they had long requested, the BSP funding made it possible to deliver that to our customers now, instead of a year or two down the road. Happier customers allow Brew Ninja to continue on a growth trajectory and help even more beverage manufacturers.” - Brew Ninja Founder, Shea Martin

Craft breweries are multiplying across North America, and there is a growing need for solutions tailored to these small beverage manufacturers to support their growth and expansion. The Government of Canada is pleased to invest in Brew Ninja’s new software that helps craft breweries track and manage data, leading to operations and invoicing efficiencies and optimized sales, which helps them thrive and create jobs in their communities.” – The Honourable Dan Vandal, Minister for PrairiesCan.


Breweries often face delayed payments due to the involvement of multiple parties in settling basic invoices. This inefficiency leads to a cash flow bottleneck, impacting breweries' operational capabilities. Brew Ninja’s new direct invoicing feature will not only accelerate cash flow, it will also significantly reduce administrative tasks across brewery operations.

Payments made through Brew Ninja are secure with encryption through Square. With payment processing powered by Square, customers will get low payment processing costs, no setup fees, and customers can use virtually any type of payment while getting the same rate.

Brew Ninja is proud to offer a comprehensive solution designed to streamline financial operations, enhance customer relations, and ultimately lead to healthier cash flows and increased profits for breweries.

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