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QuickBooks Integration


Record types synchronized


Millions of successful synchronizations!

What data gets synchronized?

  • Customers – Two-way synchronization between QuickBooks Online and Brew Ninja.
  • Customers – Two-way synchronization between QuickBooks Online and Brew Ninja.
  • Invoicing – A Sales Order is the document in Brew Ninja used for account-based sales. When a sales order has been completed, it can be pushed to QuickBooks Online as an invoice. The signed delivery slips (created and collected by Brew Ninja) are attached to the invoice.
  • Retail – Retail Sales in Brew Ninja created in Brew Ninja via our Taproom-POS or our Square POS integration, can be pushed to QuickBooks Online in two ways: 1) Each retail sale be pushed to QuickBooks Online as a single Cash Sale. 2) Groups of Retail Sales can be pushed to QuickBooks Online as a single Invoice.
  • Purchasing – Create and receive (item by item) Purchase Orders in Brew Ninja. When they are complete, they can be pushed to QuickBooks Online as a Purchase Order.
  • Raw Materials – Brew Ninja will keep the accounts related to your raw materials value up to date in QuickBooks Online. You have Full control of which account a material gets linked to in QuickBooks Online.
  • Products – Brew Ninja will keep your list of Products in QuickBooks Online up to date. Because Brew Ninja has a very in deep definition of what your products are, the synchronization is from Brew Ninja to QuickBooks Online.
  • Environmental Deposits & Levies – Brew Ninja will accurately break out special environment deposits in levies, and place the values in the correct accounts in QuickBooks Online.
  • Keg/Equipment Deposits – Brew Ninja will break out keg deposits are separate line items when sales are exported to QuickBooks Online. The money from these line items goes into appropriate short-term-liability accounts.
  • Special taxation cases – Brew Ninja helps QuickBooks Online handle situations where the tax collected is based on the cost of a product, not on the selling price. This is a common case in giving away promotional products to your customers.
  • Inventory counts and adjustments – When an inventory count is performed in Brew Ninja, the value of the updated inventory count can adjust the accounts in QuickBooks Online . Full control is given to assigning where losses come from based on the reason for the discrepancy (e.g., spoilage, theft, etc).


To learn more about how QuickBooks Online integrates with Brew Ninja, check out the official documentation here.  If you want to speak to someone about the integration and what they would look like for your brewery, please give us a call at 1-855-382-0834, or use the contact form here.