Viewing the Production Schedule

View and schedule upcoming brews/batches


  • The Schedule→Access role is required to view the schedule
  • The Schedule→Modify role is required to schedule brews and events

Getting There



The schedule is where all brewing events should be placed in advance. Brewing events as well as other events will appear on the schedule.  Non-brewing events can have an event type; the event types for your brewery are configurable.

Calendar and Agenda View

You can choose how to view your calendar by using the Calendar|Agenda switch.

You can view the schedule on a calendar using the Calendar View. This can help with the visualization of your schedule.

The calendar view can become quite cluttered in a busy brewery, so the Agenda view will show your events in a list.

Brewing Events

A brewing event starts when the batch is deposited in the tank.  It ends when there is no more of that batch left in the tank.  The start of a batch will be adjusted when you deposit that batch in a tank. The end of the event will be adjusted when the last of that batch is removed from tanks.

Brewing events will show the logo of the recipe if one has been supplied.

Clicking an event will prompt you to edit it. (See Scheduling a brew).

Tips and Tricks

  • It is possible to put a batch in a tank without scheduling it. However, doing this will make you lose the ability to tweak the recipe. 
  • Breweries can have large quantities of barrels with an active brew in them. These brews can really clutter this screen.  So by default 'Hide Barrels' is checked. 
  • Subscribe to the calendar on your phone to know your schedule at any time.

Further Reading