Taproom Transfer

How to set up and complete taproom transfers

Prerequisites Roles

  1. The Transactions Access → Retail Transfers→ Access role is required to view existing taproom transfer sales.
  2. The Transactions Access → Retail Transfers → Create role is required to create and edit taproom transfer.
  3. The Transactions Access → Retail Transfers → Approve role is required to approve taproom transfer. Recommended for Key Admin only.
  4. The Transactions Access → Retail Transfers → Finalize role is required to finalize taproom transfer. Recommended for Key Admin only.

Prerequisites for Setting up

  1. Create a Tap Room warehouse. Set the warehouse-type to Retail
  2. Create a Tap Room Business Partner. This will be your own company but will be where sales of taproom inventory are delivered. Add your own taproom licence number for reporting.
  3. Set an Outbound Retail Tax Rate. This is the tax that you must pay on the products being transferred. This may be a GST-only rate, or it may be Tax Exempt. In either case, at least one must be designated as an Outbound Retail Tax Rate.
  4. Ensure you set the Government price of Product SKUs to the price you pay, as well as the correct tax categories.

Getting There

Transactions → Taproom Transfers

Creating a new Retail Transfer

  1. Click Add in the top left of the transfer table. Enter the required information.
  2. Date: The date that the transfer is taking place. You can also set this to a date in the past if the transfer had already occurred.
  3. Customer: This list will only show your customers that have been designated as Government customers.
  4. Select Source Warehouse
  5. Select Destination Warehouse
  6. Create Sales Order: If this is enabled, a sales order will be created for the selected customer when the taproom transfer document is finalized. This sales order is generated to document the buy-back of the packaged products.
  7. Add all the items you are transferring to this transfer document.
  8. Select the Product SKU you are transferring.  The details for the Product SKU will be auto-populated for you but are editable if you choose to change them.
  9. Once you are finished selecting all the Product SKUs you would like to transfer click Save All.
  10. A new Retail Transfer document will be created in the pending state. Transfer of product will NOT have occurred until you Complete the Retail Transfer. 
  11. Submit the document for Approval; Admin staff with the correct role can then Complete the transfer. 

 Editing an existing Retail Transfer

If you have not completed a Retail Transfer, you can edit it.

  1. Click on the retail transfer you wish to edit.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Modify your retail transfer as required.
  4. Click Save All to apply your changes.

Tips and Tricks

  1. only tax codes set as Inbound Transfer Tax will be available to apply to line items. This can be configured on the Manage Taxes page under Setup → Taxes.
  2. When a Tap Room Transfer is created, a bill is generated (in QuickBooks) to record the cost of buying back the products on the Transfer document, and a Sales Order is generated to record the sale to your Taproom.

Further Reading