Subscribing to the Production Calendar

View your brewing schedule right on your phone, Outlook, Google calendar, etc.


The role of Schedule→Access is required.

Getting There


Subscribing to the Calendar

To subscribe to the calendar, you will need to copy your calendar link and then add it to your calendar of choice.

The following instructions explain how to get your calendar link, and apply it to some of the more popular calendars. You should likely be able to find instructions on how to add an internet calendar to other calendar applications not listed here.

Getting Your Calendar Link

  1. Navigate to the production calendar.
  2. Click on the Subscribe to calendar link in the bottom left of the calendar panel.
  3. Click Copy to Clipboard. This will copy the calendar URL to your clipboard.
  4. Add the calendar URL to your calendar of choice. See the examples below.

Adding to Google Calendar

  1. Navigate to your Google calendar.
  2. On the left panel click the + beside Other Calendars.
  3. Select From URL.
  4. Pase your calendar link from above in the URL field.
  5. Click Add calendar.

More instructions from Google are here.

Adding to your Apple Calendar

On your Mac, you can follow Apple's instructions here. If you are signed into iCloud on your Mac, then this calendar will also be available on your other Apple devices.

Adding to

If you use Office 365, you can subscribe to your production calendar by following these instructions.

Further Reading

Learn more about using the Brew Ninja production calendar here.