Scheduling a Batch/Brew

Learn how to schedule a batch/brew.


Setup Access -> Recipe Access

Production Access -> Schedule Access, Schedule Create Event, Schedule Modify Brew Sheet & Schedule Configure Brew Sheet.

Recipes and materials must be created.

Getting There



Using the scheduler to schedule batches/brews before depositing them into the tank will allow your brewery to make changes before depositing the brews into tanks.

Once your brewery has scheduled brews/batches, your brewery can use the Material Planning Report to identify what materials will be needed to brew.

Brewing events, as well as other events will appear on the schedule. Non-brewing events can have an event type; the event types for your brewery are configurable.

You can choose how to view your calendar by using the Calendar|Agenda switch.

Schedule a Batch

Calendar View

  1. Production -> Schedule
  2. 'Calendar'
  3. Click on the date that you would like to begin brewing this batch/brew. 
  4. Click 'Schedule a Brew/Batch'.
  5. Select the recipe that you would like to schedule from the dropdown box. 
  6. Edit the title of the batch if necessary. 
  7. Select the brew sheet you would like to use for this brew.
  8. Select the planned start and end dates for this brew. 
  9. You can add optional notes and a description.
  10. Once all of your information has been entered you have two choices:
    1. Click 'Add Brew'. 
      This will add one brew to the batch. A brew is a single run of a recipe, you can have multiple brews within one batch. When you click 'Add Brew' a pop up will open, here you can adjust the name of your brew, this allows you to distinguish between each brew in your batch
    2. Click 'Create
      This will add your batch to the schedule.

Agenda View

  1. Production -> Schedule
  2. 'Agenda'
  3. Click 'Create New Event'
  4. Follow steps 4 - 10 as listed above.

Further Reading