Receiving Purchase Orders

How to receive purchase orders to increase material quantities and update material costs


  • You have a purchase order that has already been created and is ready to be received.
  • The Transactions Access → Purchase Orders → Approve role is required to approve purchase orders.
  • The Transactions Access → Purchase Orders → Finalize role is required to receive purchase orders.

Getting There

Transactions → Purchase Orders

Receiving Purchase Orders

  • Click on the purchase order that you wish to receive from the list of purchase orders shown.
  • The following steps only apply if the purchase order has not previously been approved:
    • Verify that the items, quantities, and costs displayed on the purchase order are correct.
    • Click on the Approve button at the top of the purchase order.
    • The purchase order is now ready to be received.
  • Click on the Receive button at the top of the purchase order.
  • For any items that you are currently receiving, change the dropdown selection under the Action column from Pending to Receive Items.
  • The following steps only apply if you have lot tracking enabled and are receiving a material that you have categorized as being lot tracked:
    • If you will be receiving material from multiple lots, click on the Split checkbox on the right side of the row containing the material to be split.
    • Under the Lot Number column, enter the lot number for each line associated with a lot-tracked material.
      • From the dropdown, you will be able to select existing lots that have quantity. Receiving into one of these lots will adjust the quantity and cost accordingly.
      • Entering a new lot number will create a new lot with the listed quantity and cost.
      • Entering the lot number associated with a lot you have previously closed will reopen the lot with the listed quantity and cost while maintaining the existing quantity and cost histories for that lot.
    • For any split lots, enter the quantity for each lot under the Quantity column.
  • Click Next at the bottom of the page to move to the confirmation page.
  • Confirm that the listed values are correct and then click Save All to receive your items and perform the corresponding quantity and cost adjustments.

Tips and Tricks

  • Ensure that all the items, quantities and costs on the purchase order are correct before receiving to prevent yourself from having to make corrections in the future.
  • The following tips only apply if you have lot tracking enabled:
    • If you are receiving into multiple lots for a given material, the total quantity of those lines must match the quantity listed on the purchase order.
    • The values entered under the Lot Number field should match the lot numbers provided to you by your vendor.

Further Reading