Generating Product SKUs with the Product SKU Generation Wizard

Learn how to use the Product SKU Generation Wizard, to quickly add multiple SKUs.



Getting There

Setup -> Product SKUs -> Add Many


The Product SKU Generation Wizard allows you to efficiently generate multiple Product SKUs for a particular recipe.

  1. Go to Setup -> Product SKUs, and click 'Add Many'.
  2. You will be taken to the Product SKU Generation Wizard, here you can click 'Create SKUs'.
  3. Select the recipe that you would like to create SKUs for, from the 'Recipe' drop down. 
  4. Below the Recipe drop down you will see a list of product types; bottles, cans, fills, kegs etc. When clicked on, each of these product types will expand and you will be able to select different sizes to create Product SKUs for. 
  5. A 'single' for each product type you select will be created by default. 
  6. Select any additional composites that you wish to create for each product type. 
  7. Once you have selected all of the composites that you wish to create, click 'Next'.
  8. Along the left hand side of the page, you will now see a list of all product SKUs you are creating. 
  9. Click on each SKU that you are creating and work through the 'General', 'Material', and 'Pricing' tabs adding the relevant information. Click here for more details on filling out each field within these tabs.
  10. Once all necessary information has been entered click 'Next'.
  11. You will now see a summary of the SKUs that you are about to create. If all of the information looks correct, click 'Submit', if not, you can click 'Back' and make any changes necessary. 
  12. Once you click 'Submit', your SKUs will be created. 
  13. From here, you can choose to create more SKUs, either for the same recipe, or a different one.
  14. If you don't need to create more SKUs, go ahead and click 'No, I'm Done'.

Further Reading