Product SKU Types

A description of the available Product SKU types and when each should be used


  • The Setup Access → Product SKUs → Access role is required to view product SKUs.
  • The Setup Access → Product SKUs → Modify role is required to edit product SKUs.

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Product SKU Types

The product SKU types available for your use within Brew Ninja are described below:

Product SKU Type Description
Packaged A product that you brew and sell to customers or distributors in a package.
Composite A product that combines multiple non-composite SKUs together into a single SKU to be sold as a unit.
Dispensable  A  SKU which can be used in the taproom, such as a keg that you have filled yourself.

A product that comes from a tap, such as a glass of beer or a growler fill.

When a poured product is sold, inventory is deducted from the taproom.

Service A service that you provide that does not exist in inventory, such as a facility rental.
Direct Sale

A product that is also tracked in your inventory as a material.

These products can be purchased on purchase orders and sold on retail sales and sales orders.


A product that combines multiple products to be sold as a single unit, such as a taster flight.

Unlike composite products, combo items are not tracked in your inventory. Instead, inventory is deducted for the components of a combo when you finalize related sales.

Combos may contain other combos, but you cannot finalize a sale with a combo that contains itself. 

Guest Keg

A product type that exists for kegs used in your taproom that you have purchased instead of filling yourself. 

Note: guest kegs require a recipe so that Brew Ninja can deduct the appropriate quantity from a keg on tap when you sell pints from a retail store.

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