Product SKU Pricing

Learn how to add a price to a SKU


You need the required roles for editing a Product SKU: Product SKUs→Modify.

Getting There

Setup→Product SKUs


Each product SKU can have different prices based on the context in which it is being sold.

Retail Pricing

Retail pricing is used when selling directly to the final customer.

The Retail Sale feature will always use the retail price;  when adding a product to a retail sale, the retail price will be shown.

When using the Sales Order feature, you can choose to use retail or wholesale pricing. When you add a product to a Sales Order (created with retail pricing) the retail price will be shown on the sale.

Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale pricing is used for selling to an entity that will re-sell your product (usually to the final customer).

Generally, wholesale pricing is used with the Sales Order feature. When you add a product to a Sales Order (created with wholesale pricing) the wholesale price will be shown on the sale.

Government Pricing

In some jurisdictions, when you sell alcohol to governing bodies, a special price is charged. If you have a customer who should pay this special government pricing, then they must have the Is Government option checked. When you create a Sales Order for a government customer, the government pricing will be shown.

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