Packaging on Mobile Devices

How to scan a keg and package on a mobile device


Keg tracking enable and serials added

Getting there

Tank Button on the mobile menu

Kegging from a Tank

  1. Click Tanks on your mobile device
  2. Find the tank you want to package from.
  3. Click Scan & Package Kegs.
  4. Select the recipe you are packaging. 
  5. Click Scan Now and aim your camera to match the barcode
  6. Review the items you have scanned.
  7. If you have more items to scan, click Scan Now.
  8. Repeat the above steps until you have scanned all of the kegs you are filling.
  9. Enter the final volume of the tank. If the tank is empty, leave this value at zero.
  10. Click Proceed.

Tips and tricks

  • If Brew Ninja found multiple active product SKUs that could be matched to your serial number, you will be asked to select which product SKU you intend to package into. Select the intended product SKU you wish to package. 
  • If any materials were wasted or lost while packaging products, enter their quantities.
  • If Brew Ninja cannot find the serial number you just scanned or entered, check the status of that piece of equipment - it may be marked as out on a rental.

Further Readings