Configuring Taxes with QuickBooks

Configure how tax codes are shared between Brew Ninja and QuickBooks.


Getting There

Preparing QuickBooks Tax Codes

If any sales transactions are enabled, each Brew Ninja tax code must be matched to its equivalent QuickBooks tax code. If a Brew Ninja tax code is not matched to a QuickBooks equivalent, then sales cannot be pushed to QuickBooks.

Before assigning QuickBooks Tax Codes to adjacent Brew Ninja Tax codes, please ensure that Enviro Deposit Tax Codes, Tax Adjustments and Shipping/Freight codes are appropriately configured in the following ways. 

For Enviro Deposit Tax Codes: 

An equivalent QuickBooks Tax Code must be configured in a specific manner. See the following to Configure Enviro/Bottle Deposit Tax Codes.

Tax Adjustments

In order to handle tax adjustments for items with a minimum taxable price, a Tax Adjustment Item must be created to appear on QuickBooks sales transactions.

  • Create an account with Category Type of Other Current Liabilities.
  • Set the Detail Type to Current tax liability.
  • Name the account Tax Adjustment Item.
  • Create a Service Item with the name Tax Adjustment Item.
  • Set the income account to be the one you created in step 1-3.
  • Make sure to set a default tax code. Generally this is the Exempt tax code.
  • In Brew Ninja, assign the Service Item to the Brew Ninja Tax Adjustment Item.

Shipping and Freight

Purchase Orders can have an optional Shipping COGS account specified. This will be the category used for all shipping costs on the QuickBooks Bill. If this account is not specified shipping line items will be billed to the material account tied to the materials on the Purchase Order. If there are multiple materials with the same asset account configured, one line item will show up combining all of the shipping totals. If there are multiple materials with different asset accounts, each asset account will get it's own line on the QuickBooks Bill.
  • Create an account with Category Type of Cost of Goods Sold.
  • Set the Detail Type to Shipping, Freight and Delivery - COS.
  • Name the account Shipping, Freight and Delivery - COS.
  • In Brew Ninja, assign the item created to the Brew Ninja Shipping & Freight Account (COGS).

For U.S QuickBooks Accounts

All Brew Ninja tax codes must be mapped to either the TAX or NON (eg, non-taxable) QuickBooks Tax Codes; these codes map to the QuickBooks Smart Taxation system, and will be recalculated once pushed to QuickBooks based on your U.S. State and County Tax rules.

Assigning QuickBooks Tax Codes

Existing QuickBooks Tax Codes may be assigned to a Brew Ninja Tax Code in the following way. 

  • From the Taxes table, navigate to the desired Brew Ninja Tax Code along the left column 
  • Then, select the desired QuickBooks Tax Code using the adjacent dropdown on the QuickBooks Tax Code column. 
  • Click Save All