Creating a QuickBooks Rental Deposit Charge Item

Configure how Brew Ninja and QuickBooks handle rental deposit charges for keg rentals.


Getting There

Create a Rental Deposit Charge Item in QuickBooks

A rental deposit charge item must first be created in QuickBooks if you have not already done so.

  • Create an account with Category Type of Other Current Liabilities and with Detail Type Rents in trust - Liability.
  • Name the account Equipment Rental Deposits.
  • Create a Service Item with the name Equipment Rental Deposit.
  • Set the income account to be the Equipment Rental Deposits account created.
  • Make sure to set a tax. Generally this is the exempt Exempt tax code.

Using a Rental Deposit Charge Item from QuickBooks

  • Select the rental charge deposit item (created in the previous step) from the dropdown list.
  • Click Save All