Configuring Inventory Counts with QuickBooks

Configure how Brew Ninja inventory count discrepancy categories are linked to QuickBooks expense accounts.


Getting There

Assigning QuickBooks expense accounts

Once the Counts tab has been clicked, users may correlate a QuickBooks expense account with a Brew Ninja count discrepancy. 

  • From the Discrepancy Expense Accounts table,
    • Navigate to the desired row along the Brew Ninja Category (left column).
    • For that row, select a QuickBooks Expense Account from the adjacent dropdown (right column)
  • Click Save or Save All. Or, click either Cancel button to ignore changes. 


    The Discrepancy Expense Accounts table may also be exported.

    • Simply click the export button and an excel (xlsx) file will be downloaded.
    • This file will present the table similarly with two columns for Brew Ninja Categories and QuickBooks Expense Accounts.
    • An excel file may not be imported to update the Inventory Counts table. 

    Further Reading