Inventory Counts

How to use the inventory count feature



The Setup Access→ Create count and Finalize Count user roles are required.

Getting There



Performing an inventory count is a way to update the inventory records in Brew Ninja to match physical inventory at the brewery. Once an inventory count has been created and reconciled, the system will update the affected inventory items and provide a valuation and adjustment report.

Creating a Count

  • Select one or more of the categories of materials and/or product SKUs to include in the count. Learn more about categories here.
  • Select the warehouse to update.
  • Click Create.

Reconcile a Count

  • Once the physical inventory has been completed, in an inventory count click Reconcile.
  • Update the materials or products through the counted column.
  • Enter the adjusted quantity (you can skip this step if the counted amount is correct).
  • Select a reason for the difference. Learn more about discrepancies here.
  • Click Save All.
Note: If you do not update the counted value in the reconcile step, the product SKU or material quantity on record will not change.

Complete a Count

  • Once you have reconciled a count click Accept All
  • Click Complete. This will finalize the count and no further changes can be made.

Tips and Tricks

  • Once a count is created, it can be exported and printed out for staff members to use during the counting process. The list doesn't have quantities in order to encourage an actual count.
  • Search for a specific product or material using the search bar. 
  • Add notes during reconciliation for handy reference later.
  • Materials can have counting instructions which be shown on inventory count printouts.
  • Materials and products must have stores in the selected warehouse in order to be counted.

Further Reading