Importing a Recipe

How to import into BrewNinja using Beer Smith/Brewers Friend Beer XML file.


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Getting there

Production →  Recipe

To Import a Recipe


  1. Select "Import" on the recipe page.
  2. Click "Select File" and upload the appropriate XML file.
  3. Once uploaded, the recipe information will fill in.
  4. If you need to change unit type, ( metric or imperial) you can do so with the unit toggle at the top, or selecting the appropriate units for each material line item (Recipe Unit).  

  Materials Fields

Category Select the appropriate category for the new material
Imported Material

Name of material in the recipe file

BrewNinja Material Shows the existing material already in the system or creates a new Material
Quantity Quantity of the ingredient to be imported
Recipe Unit Unit of measure used in the recipe
Material Unit Unit of measure used for the material
Unit Import Selected to import unit of measures

Tips and Tricks

  • When importing recipes, unknown materials will be created which means you can save a step by not setting up those materials manually
  • During the import, be sure to double-check the BrewNinja Material column for any duplicates. If there is a misspelling or an extra space in the name, BrewNinja will regard them as different materials.
  • Note that the BeerXML protocol dictates a single set of units, so this is the reason for the units not matching how it may appear in Beer Smith or whatever tool they use.
  • You can still edit any recipes after it's been imported just head to the recipe edit page

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