How to Import Customers and Vendors

How to import your existing business partners into Brew Ninja



Getting there

Transactions → Customers/Vendors

Importing Lists to Brew Ninja

You may upload your existing customer and vendor lists into Brew Ninja using our import tool.

  • Click on the Import button at the top of your list of customers and vendors.
  • On the page that loads, download the required .csv templates for importing customers and/or vendors. These templates provide the information required by the import tool and contain a sample entry.

  • Complete and save the file with your list of customers or vendors, respectively.

  • Click Import on the bottom right-hand side of the screen and upload your file.

  • NOTE: If you have a business partner that is both a customer and a vendor, please create two records for them: one as a customer and one as a vendor. You can add (V) or (C) in the names to quickly indicate which account it is.

How do I get the customer list from QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks desktop?

If you are connecting to QuickBooks and configuring your QuickBooks connection for the first time, you can leverage our bulk QuickBooks import process instead. If not, please reference one of the following QuickBooks support articles: