Adding a batch to a tank

Learn how to add your batch of beer into a tank.


Production Access -> Tanks Access, Tanks Contents, Tanks Transfer, Tanks Configure and Tanks Modify

Tanks Must have created Tanks to add batch into

Recipe - Each batch must be related to a specific recipe

Getting there

Production -> Tanks

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  1. Production -> Tanks
  2. Find the tank that you would like to add a batch to. 
  3. Click '+ Batch' on the appropriate tank. 
  4. From the 'Batch' dropdown box you can either select a previously scheduled batch, or you can select 'New Batch' to add an unscheduled batch directly to the tank.  
  5. Once you have selected the batch you want to add, a new 'Deposit Volume' box will appear. This box will automatically populate based on the yield of your recipe, but you can adjust it if necessary. 
  6. Click 'Add'.
  7. Your batch will now be added to the tank. 

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