Creating/Editing Brew Sheet Fields

Learn how to create/edit brew sheet fields


  • The Production Access → Schedule→ Configure Brew Sheet role is required to add, modify and delete existing brew sheets.

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  1. Getting There
  2. Select a brew sheet
  3. Create a new Category
  4. Create a new Field

Getting There

Setup → Brew Sheets

Select the brew sheet

Find the brew sheet you want to edit and click in the Edit button, in the right side.

Create a new Category

Categories are groups of fields. They'll display  multiple fields within. The name of the category, will become the name of the panel that groups the fields.

  1. Click in the Create new Category button. This will add a new panel for that category.
  2. Click on the Edit button, left side of the panel name (New Category).
  3. A pop up field will appear, and you can type the name of the category.
  4. Click the Save button

Create a new Field

Fields are the input boxes, where the data will be entered and modified. These fields can be grouped to display the same type of data together. 

  1. Inside the category panel, click the Create new Field button.
    This will add a new row, that contains the following columns:
    • Name (mandatory): This will be the name of the label of the field.  In this case Temp Water
    • Prefix:  Will add a box to the beginning of the field, like the °C
    • Postfix: Will add a box to the end of the field, like the hL

    • Field Type (mandatory): You can select different types of data, that will hold the correct information for you.
      • Date
      • Date Time
      • Notes
      • Number
      • Text
      • Time 
      • Values (Drop down)
      • YesNo
  2. Add the information you need to customize the field.
  3. Optional, if you want to preview the field before saving:
    1. Scroll to the top of the screen
    2. Click in the Preview button, in the left side of the page.
      To return, click the Edit button, that is located in the same place.
  4. Click the Save button, at the bottom of the screen

Create Grouped Fields

Grouped fields allows the display of fields together in a single column. Here's an example of it:

⚠️ Grouped fields have the current limitation to group only up to 3 fields. 

⛔ Grouped fields naming convention:

Keep in mind, that is important to be consistent with this name structure, in order to display the fields and the the group's name correctly. If you do not add the '.' in the fields name, fields will not be displayed correctly.


These are the steps to create a grouped field:

  1. Create the category to contain this fields
  2. Create 3 fields with the following names:
    The names are what will let us group these fields correctly. In this example, Water is the group's name, and Temperature is the field name.
    ⚠️  Remember to add the '.' (dot) in between.
    1. Water.Temperature
    2. Water.Start Time
    3. Water.End Time
  3. At this point, if you preview the brew sheet, it will look like this:
  4. Return to Edit mode
  5. Move your mouse over the left side of the first field. 

    You should now see the Group fields button. 

  6. Click the Group Fields button. It will select the field, and change the background of it
  7. Mouse over the same Group Field button in a different field. In this example, over the Start Time field. 
  8. Click the Grouped Field button in that second field. It will group your fields together. 
  9. Repeat steps 5 - 8 with the  third field. And you should see all your fields together:
  10. Click the Preview button and verify the correct display of the fields. It should look like this
  11. Click the Save button.