Inventory Snapshots

Create inventory snapshots to save historical inventory levels


The Setup Access→ Create count and Finalize Count user roles are required.

Getting There



An inventory snapshot preserves the inventory levels for the brewery on the current date. The snapshot will allow you to reference past inventory levels, as well as view the value of that inventory for that date, in the future.

Creating a Snapshot

  1. Select one or more of the categories of materials and product SKUs to include in the snapshot. See this article for creating more categories. 
  2. Select the warehouse to save inventory levels from (one or all)
  3. Click create

Viewing a Snapshot

  1.  To view a snapshot head to InventorySnapshot

  2. Select the date of the document to view

Viewing the Monetary Value of a Snapshot

  • While viewing a snapshot a valuation report is available to view in the top right hand corner beside the print button.
  • This valuation report will provide a breakdown of total value by category. To view further details of this report click the details button.

Tips and Tricks

 You can view this information without a snapshot. To view past inventory levels on a certain day without a snapshot use the Historical Material Inventory and the Historical Product Inventory reports, under ReportsMisc

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