Creating and Editing Recipes

Everything starts with the Recipe, here we will learn to create and edit the recipe


Material Management

User Role - Recipes ( Access and Modify)

Getting there

Production --> Recipe

To Create a Recipe

Click ADD to create a new recipe and fill in the appropriate information

Recipe Details

Recipe Name

Name of the recipe


Optional description of the recipe

Is Non-Alcoholic

Check to yes if the recipe is non-alcoholic and should be excluded in excise reports


Choose the yield the recipe should produce and unit

Duration Days for Scheduling

Duration of the recipe from brew to package


Choose the BrewSheet the recipe will default to ( if more than one BrewSheet available)

Approval Required from

Should approval be required before this recipe can be added to a tank, select the user authorized to approve this recipe (Optional)

NOTE: This should only be used for contract brewing recipes


  • Select add to add material as an ingredient

  • Input the quantity required and any notes necessary

Overview and Editing

  • After you've created your recipe, you can come back to the recipe page to see and make changes.

  • While Brew Ninja doesn't support Versioning, you can duplicate the recipe and make the appropriate changes for the different versions of beers you may have.

  • On the overview page, you may also see the different SKUs already associated with the recipe (there's a tab for Product SKU next to Ingredients.)

Tips And Tricks

  • If you use Beer Smith or Brewer's Friend or any of the similar products to create recipes, you can use our recipe import feature to import the Beer XML files. Learn how to import recipes Here.

  • As you are adding ingredients if you don't see a material in the drop-down menu, check the material category again. A material's category must be marked "As ingredient" in order for it to show up on the recipe page.

  • Be sure to delete any duplicates if you are seeing more than one of a material

  • All ingredients in a recipe should have costs associated with them before beginning to brew. 

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