Creating a QuickBooks Environmental Deposit Item

How to create working enviro deposits within QuickBooks and Brew Ninja

In order to handle enviro deposits (i.e., bottle deposit), an enviro deposit item must be created to appear on QuickBooks sales transactions.


Getting There


Here's how you can complete this within QuickBooks & Brew Ninja:

Steps to Create a QuickBooks Environmental Deposit Item:

  • In your QuickBooks Chart of Accounts, Create an account by clicking New in the top right hand corner.
    • Select your account type Other Current Liabilities.
    • Set the Detail Type to Current tax liability.
    • You can name the account whatever you like, but we suggest naming the account Enviro/Bottle Deposits to make it easier.
  • Go to Sales → Products and Services.
  • In Products and Services, Create a Service Item by clicking New in the top right corner, and then Service.
    • Name the Service Enviro/Bottle Deposit.
    • Set the income account to be the one you created in steps 1-4.
    • Make sure to set a tax. Generally this is the Exempt tax code.
  • In Brew Ninja, go to Setup → Connections.
    • Under QuickBooks, click Configure.
  • Click Taxes tab near the top of the screen.
  • Scroll down to Enviro Deposit, click the drop down menu, set the Enviro/Bottle Deposit Item to the item created in step 5.

    Tips and Tricks

    • In Brew Ninja, under Setup → Taxes, you are able to add, get rid of, and rename Getting Tax Lines at any time. For example, if the SK Enviro Levy is not relevant to you due to you not residing in Saskatchewan, you may delete this tax option as it will not be helpful to you going forward.
    • In Brew Ninja, on the Setup → Connection screen for QuickBooks, remember that the connection established between Brew Ninja/QuickBooks is to the item in QuickBooks, not to the liability.
    • The reason you must create the Item in QuickBooks rather than Brew Ninja is because Brew Ninja does not create the liability account, nor the deposit amount automatically. Brew Ninja has to pull this information from somewhere (in this case: QuickBooks).

    Further Reading

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