Consignment Transfers

How to set up and complete Consignment Transfers


Getting There

Transactions → Consignment Transfers

Consignment Transfers Table

From the consignment transfers page, you may observe existing transfers. Immediate information for a given transfer include:

  • Transfer Numbers (RTR #)
  • Created Date
  • Transferred By
  • Status
  • Total
  • Notes

You may sort and search by transfer numbers, or search by date, and status.  An excel sheet of the table may be created by clicking Export.

Creating a new Consignment Transfer

  • From the top left of the transfer table, click Add.
  • While creating a new Consignment Transfer, provide the following information.
    • Date, for the transfer date.
    • Use the provided dropdown to select a Source Warehouse.
    • Then, use a final dropdown to select the Destination Warehouse.
    • You may also enter Notes if further information or commentary is required.
  • Before saving, ensure that one or more Items have been added to the Items table.
    • Click Add. A new item should appear among the Items table.
    • For the new item, you must select the Product SKU from the afforded dropdown.
    • You may adjust the Price and Quantity, Amount, and Levies.
      • These can be adjusted incrementally, or entered manually.
      • Adjusting these values will change the value of Amount.
      • Levies are applied given the type of Product SKU selected.
    • A discounted price can also be applied using the Discount column.
    • Ensure that a Tax is selected from the drop down list.
    • Notes may be typed if further information is necessary. 
    • If necessary, an existing Item may be deleted.  To do so, click the red trash bin along the right most column for the respective row. 
    • Selecting Cancel will undo any unsaved additions to the Items table. 
    • You may also Export the list of Items from the table. 
  • Click Save All. You will be navigated to a details view of the transfer created.

Viewing a Consignment Transfer

Once one or more Consignment Transfer exists, you may click a row from the Consignment Transfers table. Doing so will navigate to the view page of that particular Transfer. Further information is presented here for the particular Consignment Transfer. This includes:

  • Transfer Details (which outlines the creation, transfers and status of the transfer)
  • Items
  • Notes

Consignment Transfer Actions

From a Consignment Transfer's view page, you may perform a set of actions:

  • Submit the transfer.
  • Then, Approve the transfer (or Reject it).
  • Finally, Complete the transfer.

Not all actions are visible and will only reveal themselves once the previous action is clicked. These options will affect the transfer's state, progressing from Pending → Submitted → Approved (or Rejected) → Finalized (if not Rejected).

  • You may also Delete a transfer at any time with the exception of finalized transfers. 
  • Lastly, clicking Edit will allow you to modify the existing unfinalized transfer. 

Editing a Consignment Transfer

To edit a consignment transfer, click the Edit button within the view page of a given transfer. Similar to the initial transfer creation, you may:

  • Modify the Date.
  • Select a Source Warehouse using the dropdown.
  • Select a Destination Warehouse using the dropdown.
  • Enter Notes if further information or commentary is required.
  • Add new items to the Items table.
      • Click Save All to apply changes.