Configuring Your Square Connection

Configure how Brew Ninja and Square operate together.


You are connected to Square.

Getting There

Setup → Connections, then click the Configure button to the right of the Square icon

Configuring Company Settings

  • Choose the User to associate with retail sales created from purchases made on the Square Point of Sale.

  • Choose whether or not you wish to enable Brew Ninja Pricing.

    • If enabled, Brew Ninja will add the container deposit to the price when uploading product SKUs to Square.  A container deposit should not be taxed, so the amount added will actually be a small percent less than the full deposit amount.  The result will be that the price charged for an item in Square is equal to the amount charged in Brew Nina: (Price x Tax) + Deposit.

    • If not enabled, Brew Ninja will not modify your Square catalog item prices at all.

  • Chose whether or not you wish to use Square when processing payments in the Brew Ninja mobile app.

  • Click Save.

Configuring Square Locations

  • The grid displays a list of locations that you have created in Square.

  • For each location, select a Brew Ninja warehouse from the dropdown menu and choose whether or not you want sales from that location to be ignored when Brew Ninja downloads sales information from Square.

  • Click Save.

Further Reading