Categories Overview

Learn how categories are used in Brew Ninja



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Categories in Brew Ninja are used in a few different ways. The primary use is simply for organizing your data; however, certain category types offer more benefits. See the documentation on specific category types for more details.

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Types of Categories

Below is a list of supported category types. Click the Category Type to get more details on the usage of that category type.

Category Type Applies To Description
Billing Customers Classify how you bill customers.
Business Partners Customers/Vendors A broad categorization of your customers and vendors.
Event Types Schedule Define the types of events that can go on your schedule.
Foreign Currencies Purchase Orders Define the non-local currencies that you will work with.
Inventory Discrepancies Inventory Counts Classify the losses encountered in counts.
Materials Materials Classification for raw materials, ingredients, etc.
Payment Terms Customers/Vendors Define the payment terms used in the system.
Point of Sale Product SKUs Organize the layout of products in the POS.
Product SKUs Product SKUs Classification for your finished goods, merchandise, etc.
Region Customers/Vendors Define regions that your customers can reside in.
Route Customers/Vendors Define delivery routes for customers to reside on.