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Business Partner Details

Description of fields used for your customers and vendors


  • To view partners, you require the Setup Access → Business Partners → Access role.
  • To edit partners, you require the Setup Access → Business Partners → Modify role.

Getting there

  • Navigate to the Transactions → Customers/Vendors page.
  • Click on the blue pencil icon in the same row as the customer or vendor whose details you wish to view or adjust. The icon will say Edit Business Partner when you hover over it.


This tab provides a high-level overview of your business partner.

Name The name of the business partner
Account Manager The employee responsible for managing the business partner's account
Status Indicates if the business partner is currently active or inactive
Image The business partner's logo


This tab specifies information concerning your business partner's location.

Once an address has been entered, you can click Validate Address to ensure that a valid address was entered and view the location on Google Maps.

URL A link to the business partner's website
Details The business partner's suite number, door number, etc
Address The business partner's street address
City The business partner's city
Province The business partner's province or state
Postal Code The business partner's postal code
Country The business partner's country


This tab identifies your contacts within your business partner's organization.

Contact Details

Name The first and last name of the contact
Phone The contact's phone number
Email The contact's email, which may be used to email them certain documents depending on their roles
Roles The roles (described below) assigned to the contact

Contact Roles

Billing Contacts with this role will automatically have their email address included in the list of addresses when sharing a sales order
Manager Contacts with this role are designated as a manager
Shipper/Receiver Contacts with this role will receive a link to the delivery document when a delivery is executed


This tab classifies your business partner's type (customer/vendor), category and region.

Type Indicates if the business partner is a customer or vendor
Category The business partner's category
Region The business partner's region category
Billing Category The business partner's billing category
Route The business partner's delivery route


This tab indicates your business partner's discounts, currency and payment terms.

Discount The default discount for this business partner on sales orders and retail sales
Government Indicates if the business partner is a government partner based on their category
Default Currency The currency used by the business partner
Licensee Number The business partner's licensee number
Payment Terms The business partner's payment term category
Reorder Period The reorder period (in days) for the business partner


This tab allows you to record any additional information concerning your business partner.

Notes are private and cannot be seen by your business partner.

Notes General notes about your business partner 
Internal Sales Notes Notes about your business partner that could be useful to your sales and delivery employees


This tab repeats some of the information concerning contacts included within this article.

Tips and Tricks

  • The business partner's type cannot be changed between customer and vendor after creation.
  • Many of the business partner fields are optional and do not need to be filled out for every customer and vendor.

Further Reading