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How To Handle Long Term Record Management

Wyatt Kowalyshen Jan 11, 2022 10:28:23 AM
Monkey 9 Brewing Company Building

Learn how Monkey 9 Brewing found a way to track and easily look back on months and years of data, track inventory management, and handle reporting of all kinds.



Breweries of all forms, shapes and sizes use Brew Ninja to make their business the most efficient it can be, and Monkey 9 Brewing Company is proof of that. As a very small craft brewery, Monkey 9 Brewing Company is unique to some of the bigger breweries out there, but perhaps not as different as you might think.


Opened in 2016 (the year of the Monkey!) in Richmond, BC, and located inside a spacious restaurant, and next to a Bowling Alley, Monkey 9 has something for everyone. On top of that, they offer beers for just about every craft beer lover, and they've even won an award for one of their Ales.

As well, they sport a unique name, one that is based around the number 9 (representing positivity, togetherness, wisdom, and good vibes), and the monkey (representing intelligence, organization, playful nature). In short, there's really no brewery quite like Monkey 9, and they know it.



Alexander Szymanski, Head Brewer at Monkey 9, feels that for them - the main challenge pre-Brew Ninja was that of having a reliable system of record management that they could look back on over time. Alexander actually took over from a previous head brewer, and at the time of hand over, he felt that there was essentially not a sufficient inventory management that he wanted for the company. Unfortunately, this meant they had to spend a large amount of time wasting inventory, as there was no way to really date check anything. Again, they needed a reliable way to keep these records and dates in check.

As well, before Brew Ninja, Monkey 9 was tracking brewery volume from production, transferring, and packaging all manually on a paper sheet. Suffice to say, there's a large possibility for error in that system, and many times things wouldn't add up, or as it's just paper, often it would get dirty - making information on this paper unclear.

Lastly, government reporting, when done manually, doesn't make for the easiest or fastest process. This meant that since records were left relatively scattered, as well as potentially inaccurate, that reporting both for the government and otherwise was very difficult. When Alexander took over the role of head brewer, he knew things had to change, and this eventually lead Monkey 9 to Brew Ninja.



Upon adopting Brew Ninja into their business, and using it daily,


Alexander found that, "Brew Ninja has helped eliminate a lot of problems by streamlining the inventory management into an easy to understand, easy to manipulate, and friendly user interface".


Considering that Monkey 9's most important concern revolved around having reliable inventory management, this was considered a win for them.


Brew Ninja also allowed Monkey 9 to easily replace ingredients in recipes, bring in inventory, and determine their cost $/L per recipe batch to batch based on rates from various suppliers.


Alexander felt that, "These factors are important for growing the success of the brewery, and each brand in particular, not just to price products accordingly but to know where we can improve a process".


In short, not only is Brew Ninja beneficial in the now, but it also helps to setup a brewery for success in the future!


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