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Making the Right Connections: Benefits of Integrating with Square/QBO

Dave Barton Nov 29, 2021 11:30:54 AM
Brew Ninja x QBO x Square

In a competitive market, it pays to invest in technology that can make brewery management and accounting more efficient, streamlined, and cost-effective. It can also give you a much more accurate data oversight of your entire operation.


Whilst many craft brewers are aware that Brew Ninja software has the ability to connect with point of sale (POS) and accounting software, they don’t always realize the full potential of that functionality. So why should you consider connecting Brew Ninja with Square and Quickbooks?


Why add 'Brew' to your crew?

Breweries can benefit from this set up for a number of reasons, but sometimes those reasons aren’t immediately clear. Until you dig a little deeper. For example, it’s already possible to connect Square and Quickbooks to track sales from the tap room, so you might question why further integration is needed. 


Square POS can handle sales and provide real-time information about what’s left in your kegs. Alongside sales, revenue, and cash received, this data can then be pulled through into Quickbooks. But that’s as far as it goes. It doesn’t calculate the cost of goods sold, or how much money and inventory are left. 


In order to make those calculations, production would have to manually check how much was sold through the taproom, or how many cases of beer are left in stock.


With Brew Ninja, when a customer purchases beer, Square POS sends the transaction details to Brew Ninja first.   


Our software then deducts the purchase from inventory. It also breaks down any deposits or sales tax payable. Not only that, because Brew Ninja knows the cost of production for every beer sold, it also calculates the revised value of inventory then adjusts the cost of goods sold accordingly.


Brew Ninja then allows all that broken down data to flow through into Quickbooks. So you can see at a glance, in real-time, the value of stock in your taproom. Whilst in most Canadian provinces, there’s no requirement to report the taproom sales, in the US you’re required to know what’s consumed on site. 


Build a bridge between cost and profit margins

Brew Ninja can track pint SKUs – so it can help you report how many pints of each type were sold on site, and also how much was sold in terms of volume. This can be tracked separately to sales of cans and bottles which are bought to be consumed off-site. 


Even if there’s not required to report that data, it’s a powerful way of analyzing sales and seeing what’s selling in the taproom, what’s popular at home, and lines that are doing well, giving you valuable business intelligence and insight into profitability. 


The great thing about Brew Ninja is that it provides a reliable connection between the cost of production and the cost of sales. Because the cost of production might increase due to fluctuations in the price of ingredients, Brew Ninja actually takes account of this to provide you with a real-time average cost of per keg or pint that you can use to adjust your prices accordingly.


Time-saving, game-changing connectivity 

Having explored the connectivity between Brew Ninja, Square POS, and Quickbooks, it’s difficult to find a reason not to join the three dots. You only have to imagine the month-end without that connectivity to see the difference it can make - manually retrieving data from different sources to generate reports that Brew Ninja can automate for you. 


Need help getting connected? Get in touch with us today.

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